Design Process


Our Commercial Designs vary in styling depending on the Client.  We have worked with Retailers, Professional & Medical Offices, Educational & Community facilities, Private Organizations, Caterers/Event Planning, and Museums. We can create an entirely new enviornment from start to finish or minimally enhance an existing space to showcase prominant features & functions.  Our Initial visit is to gather information about your project and to get a direction on budget. Subsequent communication will be to agree on a process and start point.

Color & Styling Consultation
The initial visual experience your clients/ customers and staff have of your business contributes to  the flow and overall feel of your business. We can help you bring life to a neutral space with the right styling & color choices.  From decorative wall, window, & flooring options to just the right lighting and strategically placed accents  we can visually enhance your business or organization's environment and set the mood for a productive and postive experience.


Full Service Design

​With Full Service Design we offer design/layout, color & materials selections and  installation direction.   We assist in visually marketing your business or organization, so we take special consideration to understand the key components of your business/ organization model to fully maximize the visual experience . 

King Tut

( Mark Mirko / October 1, 2012 )

09.26.2012 - West Hartford, CT - Designer Neil Betts measures artifact replicas being placed at The Children's Museum in West Hartford, CT, for an King Tut exhibit opening October 4. Photograph by MARK MIRKO |